Capacity Building - Farmers

Our projects seek to enhance the understanding of the strong inter-relationship between environment and development. The quality of life of the local farmers will be enhanced through access to improved methods of environmental protection, sustainable land use for production of food and wood and conservation of soil/water; and development of technologies appropriate for local use.

We promote appropriate technologies such as Agroforestry systems largely based on local skills and renewable materials, capable of addressing the long term needs while offering short-term benefits.

Areas of extension and training services on an on-going basis include:

a)                  Participatory approaches

b)                  Farmers understanding and skill in formal research methods

c)                  Alternate energy and fodder sources

d)                 Problem-focussed farm system research geared to the needs of smallholders.

e)                  Adoption of more conservation oriented land management practices

f)                   The role of cow dung and crop residues in soil fertility maintenance

g)                  Composting

h)                  The role of leguminous species in nitrogen fixation and nutrient recycling

i)                    Organising women into Associations and Cooperatives and delivery of special training on the management of credit and saving schemes

j)                    Production of seedlings and fruit propagation materials

k)                  Formation of Associations and cooperatives

l)                    Access to Bank facilities

m)                Monitoring and evaluation methods


Rural Farmers’ Discussion Meetings


Discussion Meetings