Capacity Building - Staff

Training workshops are regularly conducted for capacity building of the local staff of governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Subject areas include:

a)                  Inter-dependence between environment and development

b)                  Study of lessons from the past, both successes and failures

c)                  The concept of sustainable management, use and conservation of natural resources

d)                 Sustainable land use systems

e)                  Participatory rural appraisal techniques, including gender issues

f)                   Integrated rural development

g)                  Alternate energy sources

h)                  Construction and use of simple field materials from local sources

i)                    Sustainable soil and water conservation methods

j)                    Forest nursery development

k)                  Tree, shrub and grass seedling production and planting

l)                    Development and maintenance of demonstration sites

m)                Preparation of project proposals

n)                  Record keeping

o)                  Monitoring and evaluation


Educational & Discussion Workshops