The Need to Assist Refugee Children & Young People to Realise Full Potentials

Due to lack of educational support from their parents, many refugee children and young people are not realising their full potentials in schools. If there is a high rate of truancy and absenteeism, this can lead to social vulnerability. Valid statistics reveal that poor learning performance at early stages affects achievements in later stages. There is often a communication problem between refugee children who pick up English very fast and their parents who do not speak good English.

 Homework Club Support Services for children & Young People



Cross Section of AGROFOREP’s Homework Club


 The following services are delivered to improve realisation of potentials in schools and colleges:

               Assistance with targeted school work on session basis to enable achievement of potentials, especially at Key Stages 1-3 and GCSE. Each Key Stage will cover specially the following subjects: English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and Music.

                Provision of Information and Guidance on citizenship to enhance the understanding of the British way of life, including legality, responsibilities, education, training, employment and social issues, as well as the serious legal and social implications of substance misuse, anti-social behaviour and crime;

               Provision of information, advice and guidance on the importance of timely class attendance, timely completion of school work and good behaviour (including respect for parents, teachers and others) for success in schools and beyond; increasing awareness, building confidence and self-esteem;

                Enhancement of the fundamental understanding of the correlation between early performance in schools and future success in life;

               Provision of educational information, advice and guidance services to increase awareness on potential causes and effects of mental health,  HIV/AIDS, early pregnancy and health eating;


Children’s Educational Drama on Bullying: From right, Senafikish (Judge, sentencing a bully), Waiel, Ihlam, Sintayeh, Ishak, Waleed & Matthew


Children’s Educational Drama on Climate Change and Global Warming


Their parents are also encouraged and supported to improve their Skills through our ESOL and ICT classes, to improve communication as well as employment opportunities.