Climate Change & Global Warming

We used to worry about localised or regional ecological degradation or desertification, mostly in the sub-Saharan Africa. Now the growing climate change and global warming is becoming an alarming concerns of all members of the international communities.

Valid estimates show that the likely doubling of the green house gases from its pre-industrial level can lead to a rise of global mean temperature  by 2-5C, that can lead to rising mean global surface temperature and sea levels, changing rainfall patterns, declining crop yields, ocean acidification and melting of ice and glaciers, with devastating effects on health and the whole ecosystem. 

Let us listen to what AGROFOREP’s children say.



From left to right: Sintayeh Gessesse, Ishak, Matthew Gile, Waleed Hassan, Wala Hassan 

Sintayeh:        ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, I am on a great mission from my lovely home you call the Outer Space. Although  we, the Extra Terrestrial creatures do not have much love for you cruel tiny people of the Earth, I am on a duty-bound long trip to give you the last warning.’  

Mathew:         ‘What warning? We are the civilised generation of the 21st Century. Besides, how could a creeping strange Alien  drop from that mysterious space and  give  us  any  advice?’ 

Sintayeh:        ‘Wicked!  What civilisation  are  you  talking about?  Our daily intelligence service  informs us that you do not have  any civilisation.  Making a car or weapons alone  cannot be a sign of civilisation.  You don’t have peace. You destroy your environment.  Your civilisation is a self-destruction. You are nearly finished as a species. You don’t even know that!’. 

Wala:              ‘Wait a minute! I also feel a certain danger.’ 

Group:            ‘It’s true! It’s true! We are all in danger. Let us hear from  Professor Alien the exact message he has got for us.’ 

Sintayeh:        ‘Thank you  Tiny Stick.  Thank you the Earth Worms. It is nice  to  know that  there  are  still  few nice  people  left on your Planet  that wish to listen  to  the  truth.’ Ladies and Gentlemen, You are in so many troubles.  But my current mission  only concerns one shocking subject:  The serious threat of Climate Change, Global Warming  and the Extinction of your species.’ 

Senafikish:     ‘Oh my Gosh!! I always  thought  there  is  a danger to life, but never understood why. I see these  things  in my dream s .‘ 

Zufan:             Oh! Oh! Oh! We’ve  got  to  talk  about  this.’ 

Thedeniya:     It’s  true, you know! 

Group:            ‘It’s true!  We ‘re  scared ! Let’s listen to  the  Alien Professor!’ 

Sintayeh:        ‘Ladies & Gentlemen of this arrogant, self-destroying  part of the funny World. Thank you for your willingness, for the first time, to mask your ignorance  and  listen  to  the factual Extra-terrestrial  last  message. Your climate is changing very fast.  Your Globe  is warming  up.  You are  all  going  to get cooked up alive!’ 

Zufan:             ‘What does that mean, exactly, Sir?’ Is there any thing that we can do to avoid this disaster? 


 From right, Senafikish (Judge, sentencing a bully), Waiel, Ihlam, Sintayeh, Ishak, Waleed & Matthew 

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