Climate Change & Global Warming

...Cont'd: Homework Club's Drama ...

Sintayeh:        Your ancestors  used to say, ‘There is way if there is willingness’. But you don’t listen! You only care about today, not  about tomorrow! You only care  about yourself and nobody else! You don’t learn from your past mistakes.’ 

Senafikish:     You are absolutely right.  But I will promise to listen. I will promise to do every thing I can, to save our environment. Please, please show us the way.’ 

Sintayeh:        O.K., then. There are  things called ‘Green House Gases’. These are the gases accumulated in the Atmosphere. These are the gases you send out when you drive your cars; when you burn forests; when you run your industries, etc. These gases are mostly CO2.. When they accumulate in the Atmosphere, they wouldn’t allow the infra red radiation pass through. This would then increase global temperatures. When temperatures rise, they warm up ice. The ice will then melt and move down to Oceans and Seas. This will lead to rising sea levels. The over flow of the Seas will then destroy life; Etc.’ 

Senafikish:     ‘Oh, My Gosh! Please tell us what to do.    

Sintayeh:        O.K. then, Avoid  unnecessary use of cars. You can walk. You can cycle. Avoid heavy dependence on fossil fuels. Develop environmental friendly alternative sources such as Solar and Wind Energy.’ 

Group:            Ohhhho.  That is it.  Now we know.  We will  promise  to do every thing we can  to protect our environment for us and for our children. 


Last warning message                         Agreement to Protect Our Environment 

Sintayeh;  ‘Blaklaboya Woyaka aramboya’ 

Walla:             ‘What does that mean, Professor Alien?’ 

Sintayeh:        ‘Since you are converted I thought you were  one of us, the E.T. World. Any how, it means ‘All the Best! Se Ya laar’. 

{Actors: Sintayeh Gessesse (Main Actor as the Professor Allien), Matthew  Gile,  Wala Hassan, Waleed Hassan, Waiel Hassan, Senafikish Gessesse , Thedeniya Nigussie & Ihlam

Script Writer: Dr. Bekele Gessesse}