Health - Africa


AGROFOREP is extremely concerned about the worrying situation of the alarming rate of HIV/AIDS and feels duty bound to take more active part in the campaign against the spread of the virus.  In order to accomplish this important task we seek to introduce innovative ways of combating the spread of the virus among the target most disadvantaged population.

 The state of malnutrition is also highly disturbing, indeed.


1.         Raising awareness on HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Our projects undertake the following activities to improve the health of the most disadvantaged people:

 We use both the traditional and modern  social organization systems as potential venues to transmit anti HIV campaign among the rural population. As a preventive tool we develop socially sensitive but effective health education materials in the local languages for distribution among the rural population.

 The traditional, religious and modern venues like Edir, Mahiber (traditional self help groups), religious centres like churches and mosques and schools are used as potential venues to transmit anti HIV/AIDS campaign.

 Our health education efforts largely target rural schools, market places, water collection points and all other places where people gather.

 We organise rural women into Associations which could provide them with safe environment to raise and discuss issues related to the circumstances that  make them more vulnerable to the virus and to seek ways of overcoming the problem. 

 Through income generating activities and HIV/AIDS awareness raising efforts, AGROFOREP seeks to enhance economic capacity of the rural women as a means of empowering this vulnerable population to minimize their particular vulnerability to the virus.

 They are provided with capacity building trainings.

Culturally sensitive leaflets/booklets are produced in local languages and distributed among the rural population, mostly through school children.


2.         Improvement of local Nutrition

 Local nutrition is improved through the following integrated measures: