ICT Training Page


The Need/Barriers

Major problems faced by our target beneficiary groups include cultural and language barriers to access mainstream services, unfamiliarity with the complex NHS and social service system, unemployment and isolation. Most of them are unfamiliar with the the use of Information and Communications Technology that is very vital for almost every thing in the modern era.


AGROFOREP’s Training Services in ICT

The project recognises this era as the era of information revolution, with great potentials for humanity, when wisely used. Information technology is making life easier day by day. Sadly, however, Africans are always at the loose end whenever it comes to relevant technologies. Bearing this in mind, AGROFOREP takes the question of Information Technology and communication very seriously. It has thus been the major component of our training provision to our beneficiaries over the last decade.

We provide ICT training that will include Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database, PowerPoint, Graphics and the Internet, certified by OCR (Oxford Cambridge and Royal Society of Arts) at the following levels: CLAIT (Computer Literacy & Information Technology) Level 1 & CLAIT PLUS (Level 2) to develop life skills.


The anticipated advantages of ICT training  qualifications include:

         Leading to jobs.

         Leading to further and higher education.

         It will be crucial for those starting their own business.

         It will provide access to the Internet for tapping into useful information, for creating own web pages for business, for sending and receiving e-mails,  for e-commerce, etc. Concerned beneficiaries will be enabled to play a significant role in participating in exchanges of views on national and international issues, especially on environmental protection and sustainable development issues

         Feel good factor.


We use the most up-to-date packages.