AGROFOREP's  Management, Policies &  Strategies


 AGROFOREP is governed by the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring the preparation and implementation of the necessary policies, systems and procedures, with adherence to the requirements and regulations of statutory and funding bodies.

Maintenance of good governance is always at the heart of our central objective, to ensure our responsibilities for effectiveness, efficiency, accountability and transparency. That is why we always select members of the Board of Trustees who have the highest qualifications, skills, relevant experiences and dedication. We collect and share the information necessary for the achievement of the great mission for which our organisation was established.

We follow Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Organisations (PQASSO) for effective and efficient maintenance of quality standards.

PQASSO was prepared by Charities Evaluation Services in 1997. This is the system specifically designed for the voluntary sector.

 We found the system extremely effective in satisfying all of  our stakeholders:  our management, services users, funding bodies and the statutory regulators (notably, the Charity Commission, the Companies House and the Inland Revenue).  Through self-assessment, we make judgements about the organisation’s performance in comparison to the defined PQASSO standards. We make detailed assessment of risks and their likelihood of effect on the project and try to mitigate them on time.

AGROFOREP endeavours to fulfil the 12 quality areas of PQASSO at level 3. The 12 quality areas are:


                     Planning for Quality



                     User-centred Service

                     Staff and Volunteers

                     Training and Development

                     Managing Money

                     Managing Resources

                     Managing Activities

                     Networking and Partnership

                     Monitoring and Evaluation

This good governance has been assisting our organisation in the following areas, among others:


         Assessment of organisation and project effectiveness and efficiency

         Setting out policies, practices, systems and strategies

         Regular assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of our governance

         Taking the necessary measures to improve effectiveness and efficiency whenever needed

         Ensuring the proper carrying out of duties and responsibilities as a registered charity established for a great cause.

 Policies and Procedures:

Development of Quality & up-to-date Policies, strategies and Innovative Approaches are some of the major reasons for the success of AGROFREP SINCE ITS ESTABLISHMENT IN 1996. These include:


1.          Equal Opportunities Policy

 2.          Equality & Diversity Policy

 3.          Disability Statement Policy

       4.           Child Protection Policy

       5.            Health & Safety Policy

       6.             Staff Policy – Terms,  Conditions and Handbooks

       7.             Volunteer Policy

       8.             Quality Standards – PQASSO    LEVEL 3

      9.              Financial Procedures – UK and Ethiopia

     10.             Risk Assessment and Checklist

     11.            Accredited Qualifications - OCR


B/      Effective Leadership Qualifications

C/      Innovative Approaches

 D/      Initiating Partnership Working