Partnership - Africa


1.         Linkages at the Local Level

 Persistent with our institutional strategies, we work in close partnership and collaboration with relevant governmental, non-governmental and community-based organisations in the implementation of the project. This method of working has been one of our remarkable strength and success in the past.

 The local collaborative bodies include:


 Our projects heavily benefit from working with these local bodies in various ways:


      Active involvement of all local project stakeholders in planning and implementation towards achievement of project objectives,

      Local capacity building to enable successful take over of continued sustainable management after the end of our projects.


2.         Linkages at the Regional Level

 Regional exchanges of expertise, sharing of important lessons and preparation of joint workshops/seminars and dissemination of information are important components of our activities.

 Our projects work in close linkage with the relevant Regional bodies, including:


         The NGO Coordination Department,

         Bureau of Finance and Economic Development, and

         Bureau of Cooperative Promotion.

 The projects benefit from working with these Zone and Regional bodies in various ways:


      The capacities of their staff and decision makers are built through educational workshops;

      Their increased awareness enables formulation of policies and strategies relevant to the needs of the rural poor;

      They will participate in the selection or secondment of right experts;

      It enables replication of successful projects in similar areas in the Region


3.         Linkages at the National Level

 At the National level, our projects collaborate with a number of bodies, including:

      AGROFOREP Ethiopia (Branch, locally registered NGO),

      The Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (formerly known as EARO)

      Bureau of Finance and Economic Development

      Bureau of Cooperative Promotion

Collaboration with such relevant National bodies benefits the projects in a number of ways:

      Exchange of valuable information

      Joint lobby for formulation of relevant policies and strategies for environmental protection, sustainable management of resources and food security.

4.         Linkages at the National Level

 It is also our institutional strategy to work in close collaboration with like minded international bodies to effectively address the good causes of our common concerns.


These major common concerns include:


               Mitigation of the effects of climate change and global warming

               Campaign against HIV/AIDS

               Sustainable rural development and food security to create stability

 With this in mind, AGROFOREP actively works in close collaboration with relevant international bodies including the followings: