Rural Women - Revolving Fund


Women make a very high contribution to the household and national economy, ranging from home and childcare to working on the farm.  In addition they are responsible for most fetching activities (firewood and water).  They walk long distances to markets, some carrying a child and loads. 


Some of the Major Difficulties Faced by Rural Women  in Ethiopia –

 Extremely Difficult Access to Markets, etc.

Our projects take a number of integrated measures to remove vulnerability to shocks and stress and to enable generation of sustainable income for food security.


Discussion Meetings with Women’s Associations

The project would introduce alternative sustainable income generating activities through the implementation of Credit and Saving revolving fund Scheme for women.

 Our projects organise them into Associations and build their capacities through extension and training.

 Members of the Women’s Credit and Saving Associations often use their revolving fund to support income generating activities such as:

 a)         Buying, storing and selling cereals,

b)         Sheep rearing or fattening,

c)         Cattle rearing or fattening,

d)         Poultry,

e)         Growing fruits and vegetables,

f)         Others useful activities the women come up with, including petty trade

 These types of project interventions have brought about remarkable and lasting changes to the lives of our beneficiaries.