Supporters & Collaborators

Without financial, material and moral supports from like-minded organisations and individuals, AGROFOREP would not have been able to make those remarkable achievements over the last decade, in addressing the needs of the most disadvantaged members of communities, ranging from children, young people, refugees and asylum seekers from the Horn of Africa, living in London to rural women and farmers in Ethiopia. We are most grateful to those kind supporters, including:


  • The Big Lottery Fund
  • Isle of Man
  • Team Hackney
  • Hackney Council for Voluntary Service
  • Lloyds TSB for England and Wales
  • The City Parochial Foundation
  • ESF
  • European Refugee fund (through the Home Office)
  • Abbey National and
  • Individuals


We have also enjoyed and achieved much through partnership working and collaboration with a number of Statutory, Voluntary and community groups. Notable among these are:


  • Hackney Council for Voluntary Service
  • Hackney Refugee Forum Member Voluntary Organisations
  • Hackney African Refugee Forum
  • Black and Ethnic Minority Working Group and
  • A number of Horn of African Community and Voluntary Organisations.


Special thanks, also to:

  • The dedicated members of our Management
  • Staff
  • Volunteers
  • Individual Members and supporters of our Organisation


We would also like to express our sincere appreciation for the direct beneficiaries of our Organisation, including children and young people, for their confidence and time and for making positive changes to lives: we wish you all the best for brighter and better future.


In close collaboration with all bodies that share our vision, concern and commitment, we promise to do every thing in our power to continue to fill gaps in service deliveries, to effectively address the dire needs of the most disadvantaged members of our communities.